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The initial idea of ECCO came from ECSA’s first Secretary General and President of the European Composers’ Forum Klaus Ager. The idea was to set-up an orchestra purely dedicated to the orchestral repertoire of contemporary classical composers working in Europe.

Over the years the ECCO project developed away from an orchestra towards a series of concerts of different ensemble formations. Nowadays, ECCO aims at identifying today’s brightest emerging European composers, championing already established as well as yet less known composers and thus stimulating creativity and the emergence of a new, transnational repertoire for various types of ensembles all over Europe.

The first ECCO concert was performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Soloists of the Society of Slovene Composers in the framework of the »European Night of Composers«. It took place in the Vienna Museumsquartier on 21st June 2011. The second ECCO concert was organised again in Vienna in the framework of the celebrations of 100th Anniversary of the Austrian Composers Society ÖKB. The performing orchestra was the Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. With the support of Creative Europe from 2015 onwards, and the commitment from the ECF Committee members of ECSA it has been possible to organise the ECCO concerts in a regular interval mostly in the  framework of ECSA’s General Assemblies.

Also in 2015, the ECCO Working Group, who function as the artistic directors of ECCO, was established aiming to increase the number of these concerts by involving more ECSA member societies and ultimately creating an ECCO-System.