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The ECCO Jury is formally called “the ECCO Artistic Selection Committee” and it consists of the ECCO Working Group and the representatives of the ensembles and in some cases other music experts, involved in the respective ECCO editions. This year, Fedor Teunisse represented Slagwerk Den Haag during the initial selection process.

The pieces for the ECCO concerts are selected from the submissions made by ECSA members based on the Call for Works as defined by the ECCO Working Group.

In the past the following artists were part of the ECCO Artistic Selection Committee:

  • Guy Frisch – Ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin
  • Benjamin Maneyrol – Ensemble Fractales 
  • Gian Ponte – Ensemble Fractales
  • Jörgen Pettersson – Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
  • Stijn Boeve – Centre Henri Pousseur
  • François Couvreur – Ensemble Hopper
  • Bojan Suđić – RTS Symphony Orchestra
  • Pierre Morlet – Quatuor Diotima
  • Martin Lichtfuss – ÖKB
  • Thomas van Haeperen – Sturm und Klang Ensemble
  • Sigi Feigl – Conductor
  • Antun Tomislav Šaban – HDS
  • Lenart Krečič – Big Band RTV Slovenia
  • Jessica Cottis – Conductor
  • James Morgan – BBC Singers